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Update your daily style with these celeb inspired linen trends that are tropical climate friendly!

Linen’s breathability makes it an ideal warm-weather fabric, and in my case, extremely friendly for my eczema sensitive skin. In the past few years, designers have taken a fancy over this amazing fabric so well that numerous celebrities across the globe are spotted flaunting linen clothing every now and then. No wonder, this trend has come quickly seeping into our everyday life from the glitz and the glamor of the celeb world.

Not sure how to style? Grab style cues from these looks adored by some of the most popular celebrities across the globe. That’s not all! Stay tuned for a few money saving tips to help you save as you find and shop these fashion picks online.

The trends will not just transform your wardrobe, but to make sure you get value for your money, considering their longevity so that investing in them does not end up in a quick-loss for you.

  • Solid-colored slim linen chinos

Linen chinos are a must–have. This trendy attire is enough to make you look elegant and classy. Chinos are casual pants that can help you to look charming and youthful. Pairing up a solid colored chino with a sleeveless t-shirt or a plaid button-up multi-colored shirt will make them look great.


Now let’s talk about the celebrity brigade who have been spotted, making a fashion statement in linen chinos. Emma Stone, Diane Kruger, Jennifer Aniston and a lot of other celebrities have been spotted many a times fostering linen chinos as a summer style staple.

Style tip: While choosing a linen chino, opt for a light neutral hue like white or beige to make a perfect balance with printed and brightly colored tops.

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  • A linen maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are becoming a sure-shot trend year after year, which is why you will never regret having one in your closet. Do not miss to take linen love to another level by pairing up a red maxi skirt with a solid white shirt.

A lot of fashion magazines have recently featured the best dressed celebs in sexy and swingy linen maxi skirts. It can be a perfect thing to wear to office paired with a blazer and after work, without . So, what you pair it up with, makes all the difference!


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  • A little white linen dress

When the sun is steaming over, all we want is something that is casual, airy and light, and nothing can beat a chic white linen dress when we are talking about light and chic. So, white linen dress is another must-have for every young lady, as it’s the most classic and perfect pick for almost every occasion.

Many celebs including the young Duchess, Kate Middleton has been spotted quite a many times wearing a white linen dress. Kate Middleton made the headlines of many fashion magazines when she was found wearing a lacy white linen dress recently, which complemented her slim frame beautifully. The young Duchess kept the whole look simple with a pair of tan wedge heels. While her sartorial sense has been appreciated widely, she lived up to those praises even when she wore something as simple as a linen dress. Even you can pull off a flirty, girly and fun look effortlessly by adding a white linen dress to your wardrobe.


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Saving tip: Don’t miss to check out online coupons/deals sites to save a few extra dollars on your shopping indulgence every time. Sites like Cuponation, ShopBack etc. are becoming immensely popular with shoppers. You might as well like to give these sites a worthy try. So, go ahead and stock up on trendy linen apparels and accessories to transform your wardrobe now!

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