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Aztec prints are making a comeback and who can resist a piece of these Mexican-inspired prints that are tribal, colourful, eye-catching and full of energy at the same time? Let’s check out what the local blogshops have to offer us *winks*

Tribalista Leggings - RM49SPOTTED: Rockstar Closet

Leggings are comfortable and they’re great with long tops, tunics and layering. On top of that, they look great with almost all kinds of footwear too. Available in another colour option as well, hop on over to check it out and get yourself a pair now!

Diane - RM46SPOTTED: Oozora.tang

Speaking of comfortable pieces, this is yet another one. A great piece to be wearing during these rainy days and the awesome thing about Aztec prints are go minimal on accessorizing because the prints speak for themselves *grins* How about that eh? We sure love it!

Aztec Tube Dress - RM49SPOTTED: Chic Valley

With the prom season and dinner parties round the corner, one cannot miss out on options for dresses so why not go for an Aztec piece eh? This one is simple and sweet that we can wear all year round definitely gives us all the more reasons to own it. Be sure to check out the other pieces from their collection while you’re there

Badilna Dress - RM62SPOTTED: Pretty Chase

Now, if you prefer something more colourful and fun, this one here’s a good piece to start off with. Who would have thought so many colours and prints could be combined into one like this eh? This one sure works and definitely something to explore if you’ve always been on the safe side with the plain colours

Obai - RM55SPOTTED: Clothes For Fun

But if you prefer something more toned down with the colours, here you go! Looks like there’s something for everyone when it comes to Aztec prints, no? This mini would be great for Christmas and NYE parties. Something different from the usual you’ve been wearing every year, can?

Zuma Tribal Maxi DressSPOTTED: Chitzabelle

But Aztec prints look great on a midi dress as well too, check out this one here for example, looking simple and chic. This would be a great piece to bring to the beach, don’t you think? Hurry on over to check out the colour options and other designs in their latest collections before it all belongs to someone else alright? *winks*

Tassle Aztec - RM39SPOTTED: Peep

Fancy some tassels to go along with your Aztec prints? They’ve got ’em covered as well too. A great piece to be paired with leggings, skinnies and shorts. Totally ideal for us living in a tropical country too eh? Flip flops and a tote and off we go!

Aztec Silky Tank - RM38SPOTTED: Velvet Strings

But of course, we can keep it simple too with just a tank top like this one here. Endless opportunities to style a new outfit which makes it a very versatile piece. How many can you come up with? Challenge yourself and off you go!

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