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Beauty blogger turned entrepreneur, Sabrina Tajudin has launched her very own beauty brand, Breena Beauty where she designed a high quality yet affordable cruelty free makeup brush


We got in touch with Sabrina, the beauty and the brains behind the brand to find out more about her story and here’s what we have to share:

1. When did you first became interested in beauty/makeup?
Since high school! Before Google and Youtube were accessible, magazines would be the main influence to my makeup knowledge.

2. What was your first makeup product?
Eyeliner! 😉

3. What are your personal favourite makeup / beauty brands?
I loveee trying out new concealers & foundation. I could not choose which is my favorite brand, they are all amazing!

4. Are you currently a student/working? (If student, what are you studying? If working, do share your occupation)
I am self employed. Basically I am handling my personal blog and my current business which is Breena Beauty


5. What inspired you to design your own makeup brush and why?
I love makeup and for me makeup brush is a must to any makeup lovers out there. There were not much of an affordable choice of makeup brushes out there in the market. Also it is one of the way I could express my creativity in creating a pretty and quality products that I can offer to makeup lovers like me.

6. How has the response been so far for Breena Beauty?
Great! We officially reach out sale target for the first month in just 2 weeks. Followers and customers also have been requesting for more brushes. I am very grateful

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7. What can we expect more from Breena Beauty in 2015?
More makeup brushes and a more awesome online shopping experience for customers!

8. What are the essential makeup items for a makeup beginner in your opinion?
Concealer + Powder + Eyebrow products!

9. What’s your parting advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in Malaysia?
Just go for it! Be yourself and be unique. Plan ahead and never look back. 🙂

Thank you so much Sabrina for sharing your story with us! Get your very own Face Luxe brush at an introductory price of RM39 instead of RM45 at Breena Beauty

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