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Fashion is one of the fine arts that influence humankind. On Autumn/Winter 2015-2016, BONIA introduces the INSPIRATION of its creative director, Pepe Torres. The well-known ingenious designer showcases the characteristic of BONIA through his artistry, on every collection he created- the elegant, the stylish, the youthful and the modernistic.

Inspired by the icon of Venice; Pepe Torres, the artistic wanderer sketched the outline of Ponte di Rialto and its captivating reflection on Grand Canal as the clean lines of his Venetian-styled creation- Rialto collection, presenting the modernistic artistry in the quaint old architecture.

He painted the canvas of the picturesque scene into red that represents the heart of Venice, blue that indicates the clear skies which accompanied the iconic bridge, black that hints the breathtaking views of dark velvet skies in winter and dark brown that implies the numerous passing boats along the water passage.

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With the artisan of BONIA, unique hand-stitching was crafted onto the smooth Nappa leather, indicating the steps the innovative designer took at Ponte di Rialto. Attached with the specially designed tassel, the contrast of this collection encircles you with the unparalleled elegance of Italian and artistic of Michelangelo.

Just like the spacious of Ponte di Rialto that occupied with its cramped little shops, the Rialto collection offers you the roomy interior that could secure the complete survival kit of your exploration in the hustle urban.

Carry the true heart of Venice in style!

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