BONIA: Enchanted Travel Journey with Style

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Ever since BONIA accessories collection was launched last year, the overwhelming responses and demands for small leather goods have been increasing. This had motivated BONIA to bring out even more designs and versatile styles in its accessories collection in this season.

BONIA leather bracelets and keychains travel around the world, capture a memory of an enchanted travel journey, with style. BONIA accessories sail on its luxury yacht, getting relaxed and enjoying the beautiful sea; ride on its private jet, being comfortable while eyeing the eternal sky. You will get to see BONIA accessories hop in its recreation car or catch a weekend ride on the train, visiting some of the famous landmarks of the world, writing down every journey down the memory lane.

Wear BONIA leather bracelets with confidence as it comes with various versatile designs with personal fashion taste. These colorful bracelets collection comes with golden hook or button fastening.

083A1-0010 083A1-0012Get bold and rebellious with this gleaming surface bracelets. Featuring BONIA special stitching elements, the bracelet collection creates both masculinity and femininity that would be perfect for your edgy look.

083A1-0006 083A1-0013Current, modern, confident and smart is featured in its design and craftsmanship .Fashionable confidence, young, and modern trend setter will desire the funky 3D square geometric prints leather bracelets, as well as these leather bracelets with iconic 3D pyramid studs


Keep all your keys together with style. These lovely travel-inspired leather keychains are completed with golden brass clips and rings, for easy attachment to any BONIA bags. Both men and women, let’s adorn your wrists with BONIA leather bracelets, and go traveling with the fantastic travel-inspired key chains collections! Bring your travel memories with alluring BONIA accessories – leather bracelets and leather key chains

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