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Mini Peplum Skirt with Black Trim - RM53SPOTTED: Whitesoot

It’s amazing how a simple black trim added to an otherwise yet another peplum skirt can make world of a difference! The best part of it all has got to be the color it comes in that makes it versatile to match with almost anything we own. Definitely something we want to invest in, no? *winks*

The Genevieve Bodycon Lace Bustier Tube Dress - RM48SPOTTED: Bluey Joyce

A white bustier dress is always a lovely piece to wear for events and parties but add on those lace? Oh boy, definitely something that you must have! Better hurry on over though, wouldn’t want to miss out on a good buy like this one here

Printed Cotton Skirt - RM42SPOTTED: Velvet Strings

It seems like the Aztec prints are making a comeback and this one here is one of the better designs I’ve seen thus far. I remember Cotton On used to have so many of these designs and still doesn’t beat this one here alright *grins* Make it yours before it all belongs to someone else babes!

Peplum Overcoat - RM69SPOTTED: Multi Colette

Peplum skirts and dresses we’ve seen plenty but how about an overcoat? Sure looks adorable doesn’t it? And not to forget it comes in such a sweet color as well too. I’d like to keep myself warm in something as chic as this *grins*

HAYDEN - Collared Blazer (Red)  - RM69SPOTTED: Belmode

A red blazer? How about that? Bold and fierce, this sure isn’t your usual suspect alright. But wait, this is just one of the many color options they have to offer so be sure to hop on over to check out the rest of the options available, while stocks last! You know you want to!

Jeenie Double Bag - RM109SPOTTED: Club Mod

Now this one here’s an interesting bag because it’s a two-in-one bag that can be combined to be used as a single bag! Plus, I find the color totally unique and cheerful that it’s sure to brighten up anyone’s day, no? *winks*

Pastel Shorts - RM47SPOTTED: Trendy Bellaz

Are you mint crazy? Then you definitely need to own this pair of shorts alright! Of course, this isn’t the only color available but I wouldn’t wait too long before owning a pair or maybe more. Get ’em quick and totally wear ’em out to show them off already why don’t you!

Spike Twirl Bracelet - RM20SPOTTED: Autumn Ripple

Seems like spikes are all the rage when it comes to accessories, can? Headbands, chokers and bracelets now. Which one would it be for you? Plus, it comes with matching bright bold shades as well too. Stand out much? I think so!

Creep - RM75SPOTTED: Glossy Addiction

The colors are awesome and a stunner when it comes as a practical accessory to complete the outfit, can? Totally beats carrying a clutch that every other girl will be carrying, no? Be sure to check out the other bag sizes and options they have to offer for this week as well too!

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