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ARMY WIFE - RM71SPOTTED: Shop the Black

A military inspired anything always gets me excited, especially when it comes in white on heels like that? How can you not fall in love with this pair already? Am already planning an outfit to revolve around this pair. What say you babes?

Daisy Collared Pleated Top - RM48SPOTTED: The Uniqcon

A simple sleeveless button down top but hey, with those details on the collar there? I think it ‘s looking pretty amazing *winks* Eliminates the need for accessories and puts a girly yet casual touch to an otherwise formal top. My kinda style!

Diane - RM46SPOTTED: Oozora.tang

Ahh.. it seems like Aztec prints are all the rage for the past few weeks and I’ve been seeing them everywhere! Tops, dresses, skirts and even bags with Aztec prints, eh? How awesome is that? Definitely would want to see more of these in our wardrobe and daily outfits so go get ’em girls!

Karma - RM57SPOTTED: Clothes For Fun

I always love a gorgeous LBD but when it comes in a combo of black and white like this one here? I cannot wait for an event just to wear this one here out already! The prints fit so well with the style of the dress and wait, there are more colour options from where this came from. Hop on over to check ’em out yourself!

Classic Sweater with Collar - RM65SPOTTED: La Quinnox

With the rain and chilly weather daily, we sure do need to warm up and a preppy school girl look with this sweater here sure does the trick. Mini skirts, leggings and booties to match to complete the outfit. Somewhat of a fall/winter feel in a tropical country eh?

Jayniel Boutique: Victoria Dress - RM48SPOTTED: Jayniel Boutique

Black and white in all simplicity sure makes a great dress for both work and play. Nothing too OTT for the workplace but still fun enough for after work with friends! Check them out for other more awesome designs and pieces to kickstart your 2013 workwear collection *grins*

Studded Tights - RM19SPOTTED: Delirious

Studded knee high leggings? Oh yes! It looks so fun and all these while we’ve only seen bows and laces on them, time to bring out the new kind. A great match with booties and also we won’t be melting in these in our tropical climate *winks*

Uneven Hem Satin Chiffon Dress - RM90SPOTTED: Rock Attitude Boutique

Have you had enough of your high low dresses share yet? I for one am still open to explore different styles and both the colour options here are looking pretty awesome as basic pieces that can be styled to your heart’s content! ┬áThe price is right and get it while stocks last alright?

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