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We shop online for a whole bunch of things because after all, we’re not self-proclaimed shopaholics for just the amount of clothes we buy. Our shopping lists often include gadgets, groceries, books and everything else that can be sent to our doorstep, we’ll sign up for it!

So it came as a surprise when our trusty gadget and appliances online store, Lazada launched their very own fashion label, LZD (although we were aware that they sell a variety of products but the focus was more on gadgets, less on fashion)


“LZD is for the fashion conscious girl who likes to mix a style fusion of international, Asian and vintage fashion. LZD is all about having fun, mixing it up and working those trends, so make sure you get your daily dose of LZD” 

We love the story of the brand and with prices ranging from RM25 to RM145 for clothes, bags and shoes, we’d say this is an affordable brand for everyone. The pieces from the collection are basics with a touch of modern chic, simple and invites the shopper to style it creatively for various occasions – especially perfect for those who are budget conscious and versatile shoppers

If we’d have to choose our top 3 designs we’d like to own, it’d be these:


Shift Dress with Peter Pan Collar | Shop herelzd-2295-524686-1-zoom

Kimono Cardigan | Shop herelzd-2953-687196-1-zoom

Stitched Details Pump | Shop here

So far, we’re giving thumbs up for this new fashion label and we hope to see more amazing collections to come by the brand. Will you be shopping from this new label in town? Check out LZD by Lazada now

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