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Everyone loves dresses and there are just way too many different styles out there for us to ever have enough! Plus, there’s a different colour, print and style for each different occasion. The good news is, Belmode has something for every event and something for everyone as well too

Come check it out already:

Monotone and dual-toned are great pieces to be worn for both work and play, also leaving plenty of room for accessorizing! It’s also a great piece to style with blazers and jackets as well too. How cool is that? These are definitely basics that you need to own

If bold colours are too simple and minimal for you, how about turning to lace for a change? A little extra touch of lace sure does injects femininity into the look, no? Or you can go for a full lace dress, which always looks amazing in white

Apart from those, these are alternative options that you can look into for something more fancy, less accessorizing. It’s not always a bad thing, letting the design speak for itself. Make sure you have the right shoes to complete the look!


Or … my favourite – go for the white dress. A classic colour that is ideal for all occasions, no matter what the style may be. So what say you? Have you got your white dress yet?

There are plenty more from where that came from and that’s not all! They have an amazing selection accessories and jumpsuits available at Belmode too. Hop on over and start shopping today!

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