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Self confidence is a lot about being comfortable in your own skin. For me, this is a personal challenge for as long as I can remember because I have eczema since I was eight and the condition fluctuated over the years and the worst part is, it never really goes away. When it does become more manageable, it leaves dark patches of dry skin and scars that I try very hard to cover up

I’ve tried numerous products to soothe my skin and treat my scars and chance upon Bio Oil by a pharmacist. I decided to give it a try because I really liked the texture (non-greasy!) and that it instantly soothes my very dry skin


I’ve also read of many testimonies by mothers who never have any stretch marks thanks to Bio Oil, which were very convincing for me to help reduce or at least fade my scars


Plus, its formulation also contains Vitamins A and E, natural plant oils such as Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary and Chamomile – all the ingredients that help keep skin healthy. I tried a small bottle of 60ml and I’ve never stopped using it since. It has visibly faded my scars and helps to hydrate when my skin starts to get dry


And when I was invited for a mini Bio Oil gathering the other day, I jumped at the opportunity to get to know more about the product. It was enlightening to hear stories from others who shared about how Bio Oil has helped them and the many different ways they use it in their daily lives

I’m so happy and thankful to the pharmacist who recommended this product to me and thank you Bio Oil for the complimentary bottle that’s just the perfect size for me (because I currently use the 200ml bottle at home!) to bring along for balik kampung this weekend!

If you have any issues with scars or stretch marks, give Bio Oil a try! It’s available at most pharmacies at an affordable price and suitable to apply from head to toe, yes, even on your face 🙂

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