Bazaar Hop: 11th Installation of Markets

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The start of a brand new month is always welcomed with a dose of retail therapy. There were at least 4 different ongoing bazaars that took place last week but we only managed to make it to one and man, it was a blast! Managed to check out the scene a little after lunch time so it wasn’t too hot yet

We were first greeted by an insane bargain with goodies starting from as low as RM5 by none other than Tanks for 5

There were a couple of Nissan car boot vendors and it was an interesting peek into each to see what they have to offer. My favourit of the lot was this because it brings back memories of my childhood with paper dolls and colourful jellies

Managed to catch up with The Bag Queen herself from Glossy Addiction. Love the colourful display she has going on there!

Managed to pop in to Pop by Jaya One, a pop-store open for rent starting this November. This is just an introduction of what’s to come and we’re definitely excited to see what will be in store for us

Gold shorts and pink ukuleles are items we don’t get to see everyday, which makes bazaar hunts all the more interesting!

Also we love the colourful dreamcatchers and accessories by Deeper than Fashion and the beautifully crafted bath and body care goods by Bisou Bon Bon that were on display

Lots of retail therapy, eye candy on accessories, clothes, stationeries and so much went on all in one place! Check out the rest of our snapshots here. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and hope you had a fab weekend too!

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  1. Jessica Yong

    October 13, 2013 at 2:08 am

    Thanks for posting this event. Sadly I went for the other events that happened on that day. Regretted not going for this Market installment because I heard there were a lot of new items from various new blogshops. Anyways can’t wait for the next one 🙂

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