A Shopaholic’s Den is the brainchild of a girl

who was introduced to the wonderful world of online shopping

In the beginning …

There were only directories but no reviews or news on which blogshop has updated with a fresh new collection. Tired of clicking through dozens of links, signing up for countless newsletters and missing out on those amazing purchases, an idea popped into her head. Why not, I start a blog to feature the blogshops that have updated & list my favourite pick?

Thus begins the journey of building a community of online shoppers for Malaysia

Moving forward …

A Shopaholic’s Den has gone through various layout changes since its inception starting from hosting on a wordpress blog, moving on to Blogger and now self hosted. 2012 sees yet another change for A Shopaholic’s Den by integrating various social media channels to provide even more services and resources for the community as well as automating the process in featuring the latest updates by various blogshops. There are many ideas and plans in store for the near future so watch out!

Why ‘A Shopaholic’s Den’?

The story behind the name was to have a cosy ¬†yet intimate place where a shopaholic can browse and shop to her heart’s content from any location. At the same time, she has access to the latest updates, news and tips about shopping, fashion and beauty. Expanding from that vision, the story now includes the vision to build Malaysia’s leading online shopping community where like-mind shopaholics can get together to share their passion for fashion and shopping

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Shopaholic's Den