8 Manicures We Want for Easter 2014

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Easter is 2 weeks away and we want our nails adorably in-season for the celebration. What immediately comes to mind for us when we think of Easter include bunnies, eggs and all the different pastel shades – and that’s what we want to share with you!

Here are some manicure ideas to check out, copy and maybe even get creative and innovate a little for your nails in time for Easter

1. Easter Bunny

Nothing says Easter like a white bunny. Select a darker but still pastel shade for the background and paint a bunny on one of the nails to make it stand out


Via holymanicures

2. Easter Stripes

What better way than to showcase all the pastel colours in your manicure than with stripes that also creates an ombre effect? Check out the full tutorial here:


Via Pinterest

3. Peep Peep!

This is one of my favourites! Simply because it’s super adorable and I’ve always wondered how to wear yellow nail polish without it being too striking. Now we have all the reasons to wear this colour *winks*


Via Nails by An OPI Addict

4. Oops-a-daisy

No time for fancy designs? This one here is simple and mess-free, with just three different colours


Via Pinterest

5. Robin’s Eggs

Get started by painting each nail with a pastel base, then dotted on some brown spots using acrylic paint diluted with polish remover. For the dusted look, wait for the nails to dry, then lightly sponged on some diluted white polish


Via Glo

6. Tuzki Bunny

Can’t get enough of bunnies? How about a whole lot of them? Despite the lack of its expression, we find them super adorable and they look great in pastel!


Via Pinterest

7. Spots and Stripes

Here’s another quick and clever way to introduce all the different pastel colours into your manicure design: With stripes and polka dots!


Via Pinterest

8. Polka-dotted French Tip

Up the game for French tips by adding polka dots on pastel tips. Yup, it’s as simple as that


Via Beautylish

What’s your favourite design and how will you be dressing your nails for Easter this year?

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