7 Ways to Organize Your Jewelleries

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IDEA 1: DIY Softboard & Pin

Materials required: Softboard and pins (You can get this from: Popular Bookstore, Stationery Shop, DAISO)


All you need to get is a softboard and pins, both are available in stationery shops or DAISO. The total cost would be less than Rm15. The good thing is, you can hang your necklaces nicely without getting them tangled. It is also suggested to use a clear transparent plastic sheet to cover the softboard in order to protect your accessories from airflow, that speeds up the rates of tarnishing

IDEA 2: Jewellery Box


Jewellery boxes come in all shapes and sizes, you can store all types of accessories neatly without them going missing or tangled. It’ll also keep your jewellery from being exposed hence lasting longer without losing its original colour

IDEA 3: DIY using S Hooks

Materials required: S-Hook (You can get this from: IKEA, DAISO or hardware stores)


This is a creative way to display your necklaces that keeps them from being tangled, as they are hung individually on each hook. Plus, it also makes it easier for us to select which to wear!

IDEA 4: DIY Photo Frame & Hook

Materials required: Photo frame and hooks


Have an unused photo frame lying around? Put them to good use by adding hooks and transform it into your jewellery organizer! You can use it to hang necklaces, bangles and bracelets

IDEA 5: Dress Hanger Jewellery Organizer


This is a favourite option for many, as it can be hung inside your wardrobe. Lots of space yet minimal storage space required to keep the organized. The transparent pockets makes it much easier to locate the piece you are looking for. You can purchase this organizer from A Fashion Story for RM20.32

IDEA 6: Bamboo Blind

Materials required: Bamboo blind (You can get this from: DAISO)


This is a simple yet creative way that everyone can do! Just buy a bamboo blind from DAISO and hang your earrings on it. Repurposing home decor items into a new home for our jewelleries – I love it!

IDEA 7: ToolBox

Materials required : Toolbox (You can get this from: Jusco, Tesco, ACE Hardware, DAISO)


This is June’s (Owner of A Fashion Story) own collection and she’s an earrings lover – she has too many of them! To keep them intact from airflow and neat so that it’s quick and easy to look for her favourite pair to match with her outfit

This is my favourite method too, while I don’t have as many jewelleries as June does, I manage to find a toolbox that’s just the right size for me from DAISO:




The best part of it is that even if it’s been placed upside down, the jewelleries are still neatly organized. Also, it’s a great size to bring along when you travel and shop for accessories! No more worries about them being crushed or tangled up. How do you organize your jewelleries? Do share with us!


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