5 Tips to Avoid Sheer Disaster

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Sheer pieces are absolutely ideal for the Malaysian climate and it opens up so many different opportunities for styling as well too. But with sheer pieces, comes the risk of over-exposure. Here are a couple of tips on how to maintain this style without any unintentional boo-boos:

  • If you want to wear a sheer blouse to work or for more formal occasions, remember to layer underneath. The only time it’s appropriate to go sheer on top with only your lingerie underneath is after hours or on weekends
  • A sheer maxi skirt is great to show off your legs and letting them breathe in our unpredictable tropical climate. Remember to invest in a half slip so you don’t risk exposing too much
  • Remember to be proportional. If you are going sheer on top, balance it out with a more covered up bottom and vice versa
  • For the best effect, stick to breezy, lighter styles versus tight-fitting pieces that fit too snugly to the body
  • Be cautious of light sources as they are likely to reveal more than you plan on i.e. Camera flashes, nightclubs etc

Style with caution and enjoy the sheer pieces that not only look great but also beats the heat! *winks*


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