4-Year Old Creates & Wears Paper Dresses

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While most girls start dressing up at a young age, this particular four-year old takes “dressing up” to a whole new level: She makes paper dresses with her mom

While the designs started off as different colored construction papers taped together, they’ve evolve to pieces that are seen on the runway with the four-year old fondly called “Mayhem” as the driving force behind the design and styles. Here are some of our favourite designs they’ve created as a mother-daughter team:





Not only do they create amazing designs (out of paper and other basic household materials!), we also love that Mayhem is absolutely adorable and poses very well for the camera in her own creations!

Read more about their story here

We’re following her exciting one-of-a-kind fashion journey on Instagram: @2sisters_angie and #fashionbymayhem, are you?

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