How Do You Accessorize?

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May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor - RM17SPOTTED: Sparkles Fly in the Sky

If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games, you’d probably would want to get yourself a piece of this goodness. Even more so when there are still choices available, get yours before it’s too late! May the odds be ever in your favour *winks*

Gold Teardrop Bird Necklace - RM29SPOTTED: Zikkos

This piece is truly gorgeous and I can imagine why people would want to wear it! Especially for special occasions, adding on an extra touch like this one here would definitely make it all the better *grins* You know you want to own it babes!

Hello Kitty Charmbracelets - RM30 Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast

I know many of you out there are a fan of Hello Kitty, although some maybe be closet fans. But hey, don’t let anyone or well anything stand in the way of you owning a piece of this goodness alright! Be proud of it *winks*

Stack charm bracelet with gold details - RM18SPOTTED: Quintessence

All about shoes there on this charmbracelet and oh my, ain’t that gorgeous? I certainly think so and it’ll make an excellent gift if your girlfriend loves shoes! Tee-hee. Now, they should have one that has all the different types of handbags too, no? Let’s have a look see!

Phoenix Pearls - RM45SPOTTED: Lush

Now this one here would be something I would be willing to splurge on! Even more so that it’s versatile and classy enough to style with a lot of occasions. Wear it proud loves and don’t shy away from the attention you deserve!

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